Bendigo Grid Connect is a locally owned and family operated company, servicing the Central Victorian area.

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Domestic, commercial, factory or farm, we can install a solar system for you.

Specializing in Enphase micro inverter installations.

  Australian made Tindo solar panels available.

Batteries: solar systems with battery backup available, specialising in Enphase and  Canadian owned Eguana batteries, produced in Adelaide.

For more information about the panels or inverters we use please download datasheets found in the brands page.

“Tindo’s performance has undisputedly outperformed on durability. After 5 years of production, Tindo’s installed fleet numbered 240,000. From the international survey of module failures, we would expect 600 failures would be typical. Tindo has suffered only 3 module faults. Tindo’s failure rate is some 200-fold reduced compared to its competitors.”
– Dr Andrew Thomson, Research School of Engineering at the Australian National University  
Quality Assurance
Tindo Solar uses an Electroluminescence Tester on ALL of the panels that we produce. This provides a best in class quality control system for solar panels in which all defects are detected, increasing the life and
performance of the panel.
Proof of Performance
As part of the final step of the production process, each Tindo Solar panel is Flash tested. This is a “sun simulation” test. The output from this test is validated to ensure that the solar panel is generating power as rated to its
Warranty Support
Under Consumer law, the importer of a product is responsible for the manufacturer’s warranty. Tindo is proudly Australian and is committed 100% to supporting our product for the duration of the warranty period.