Solar Panels

Solar panels convert the suns rays into electricity. this is a clean, efficient and self sustaining source of energy.

We are a supplier of Australian made Tindo solar panels. Produced in South Australia, with a 25 year product and performance warranty.

We also install Jinko Solar panels or other panels on request

Data Sheets and specs:


Tindo 315W Tindo 340W Tindo 380W


String Inverters:
A string inverter is the type most commonly used in home and commercial solar power systems. It is a large-ish box that is mounted on the wall of the building.

Data Sheets and specs:
ABB Fronius Primo

Micro Inverters:
A micro inverter is generally installed on the solar array frame, and then plugged into the solar panel when fastening the solar panels to the array. An AC Module has a factory fitted inverter on the solar panel itself. A micro inverter can monitor the output of your solar array by sending details to your computer. A micro inverter is generally considered to be more efficient than string inverters. We specialize in Enphase micro inverters.

Data Sheets and specs:
Enphase IQ7 datasheet