Solar Panels

Solar panels convert the suns rays into electricity. this is a clean, efficient  and self sustaining source of energy.

Data Sheets and specs:


String Inverters:
A string inverter is the type most commonly used in home and commercial solar power systems. It is a large-ish box that is mounted on the wall of the building.

Data Sheets and specs:
ABB Fronius Primo

Micro Inverters:
A micro inverter is generally installed on the solar array frame, and then plugged into the solar panel when fastening the solar panels to the array. An AC Module has a factory fitted inverter on the solar panel itself. A micro inverter can monitor the output of your solar array by sending details to your computer. A micro inverter is generally considered to be more efficient than string inverters. We specialize in Enphase micro inverters.

Data Sheets and specs:
Enphase IQ7 datasheet

Air Conditioners

Split system air conditioners have an internal unit on the wall inside and external unit on the outside wall, usually below the internal unit. We supply Panasonic, Mitsubishi or Hitachi inverter split air conditioners.